-installation in Taipei Airport
-travel in Thailand and Lao

kite festival, Vun Thau,Vietnam.
Stage set for Choregraphy: Taipei National Theater, Taiwan.
Giant Mobile in Dream Mall of Khaoshiung, Taiwan.
Residence and workshop in Taiwan.

-Kite Festival, Penghu islands, Taiwan.
– USA travel
-kite festival in Malaisia
-Residence and workshop in Taiwan.

-workshop and residence inTaiwan
-Philippines Travel
-wind installation, Burningman Festival, USA
-Dream Angels, 7 meters steel and copper sculpture Taipei, Taiwan
-lights design workshop, Taipei, Taiwan

– wind installation, Burningman Festival, USA.
– sculptures and lights design workshop, Gonfaron, France.
-Dream Community workshop, Taipei, Taiwan.
-Travel in Thailand et Lao.

-Travel Canada and workdhop in USA
-Wind installation Berck Festival, France
-travel in Turquey
-Mesdamoiselles creation
-workshop « ghost train »-Vancouver-Canada
-kite festival Taipei, Taiwan
-Workshop for Parade Dream Community,Taipei, Taiwan.
-Puppets festival Bangkok, Thailand
-Travel Thailand

-Pétales creation suite: 1000 more  in different colors.
– Wind installation, Berck Festival, France
-Kite Festival, Guiyang, China
-wind installation- Dieppe Festival, France.
-Kite festival, Taipei, Taiwan
-workshop Dream Community, Taipei, Taiwan.

-Wind installation, Jardin du Parc de la Gloriette, Tours France
-creation « Essenciel » 1000 yellow petals
-Exhibition Glass Blower Factory, St Just, France
-Wind exhibition, Art et Vin -Domaine de la Cressonniere, France

– Weather vanes festival, Chef-Boutonne, France
-Wind installation, Dieppe Festival, France
-Wind installation, Icare